pearls around the neck 115
Lauren: « I thought there was a prestigious image for a black man to marry a white woman. »
Tanita: « Bullshit! He just gets it easier! »
Lauren: « And what about a white man and a black woman? »
Angle: « Again, historically on the plantation or during slavery white men could have a power-relation
with any black woman. There was nothing to do. But today it’s a choice, it’s love. Racism will tell you
how a mixed couple of that sort can be seen around. The black woman will win in that union; she’ll
have attention and care. »
Lauren: « So the loser is… »
Tanita: « You got it. Now hold on!
We love our sons, and we love our men!
Amen! »
1 “Crunk” is a combination of the words “crazy” and “drunk”
2 A “HO” is a whore.
3 “Fo shizzle” could mean “Damn right”
A spontaneous conversation between Tanita, Angel and Lauren. Jacksonville, USA, 2012,
Recorded by Catherine Beeckman
Illustration: Tim Gallo
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