When from a cloud a drop of rain fell,
she saw the sea and felt ashamed.
She questioned: “Who am I, facing this immensity?”
And while she saw herself with humble eyes
a clam protected her within her shells.
Saadi de Shiraz, Sufi poet
And the drop of rain turned into a fine pearl…
That is how it has been with the friends that helped me.
Eyes glued to their computer screen, they have translated, corrected, revised, perfected, filed and
polished the pearls that were bestowed upon me.
Thank You.
Thank you, Brigitte de le Court.
After having shared the same benches at the university, we lost contact. Twenty-six years later, “the
Pearls” have reunited us, and it was established, beginning with words, a collaboration at a distance of
4,000 miles… Among linguists, this means so much!
Brigitte is endowed with precise intelligence, just and concise. Her attention is constant, alert. Adding
to her work a dosage of humor, honesty and the luster of her feminine qualities, together, we have been
able to create an anthology that maintains an appropriate tone and a particular style. When friendship
Thank you, Carrie Leigh Dickey.
Carrie is responsible for the anthology’s design.
We had previously collaborated with a book and the professional assistance turned into friendship.
Carrie is irreproachable: young, meticulous, astute, as well as creative, and innovative and cutting edge
technology! Carrie offered her services from the heart and without retribution. This is generous.
Thank you:
Manuela Díaz De Lope who helped Brigitte
Sylvie Froschl, translator and advisor
Joan Lagache who lend a hand to Sylvie
Cynthia Jaramilo for her tender friendship and translations
Susan Surrat for her quiet, serene presence and her help through the editing process
Monica Justice, a sunshine from Kathmandu
My mother for her critical look
Nathalie for her reading
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