134 pearls around the neck
Akiko@gmail.com to me Fri, 13 April 2011 at 4:24 AM
Dear Cath,
We are fine. I didn’t sleep since yesterday; we are all wound up here.
It feels like it hits us every hour… non-stop aftershocks. But we’re fine. The whole city is in a panic
Couldn’t go home, stayed at friends...
Scary stuff. Good time to face nature and God.
Being alive, being alive now
That is a bird fluttering its wings
That is the waves drifting in and out
That is the snail crawling on the ground
That is people loving one another
The warmth of your hand
Giving me love.
Giving me your hand
Giving me your warmth.
Shuntaro Tanikawa, “Being alive” was written in March 2011, Beholders.com
Sachiko@gmail.com to me Sat, 14 April 2011 at 3:02 AM
Dear Cath,
It’s 3pm, Saturday.
Almost 24 hours have passed since yesterday’s first shake. We’ve had a series of nasty after-tremors
all through the night, each shake constantly reminding us of ‘Its’ presence.
Then, the daybreak. How long has it been since we’ve humbly welcomed the first rays of the sun,
and be truly grateful for them?
We are also happy and feel lucky to inform you that we are all fine...
Thank you for thinking of us.
Whether the gas will run out, a life will run out, a heart will run out, the time will run out, a
road will run out. Will I, also, become a wrath and frenzy of passion and head toward the ocean?
Kuyashii, kuyashii, kuyashii, to the ocean, kuyashii, to the ocean, to the ocean.”
“Kuyashii” means frustrated, deeply regretful
By Ryoichi Wago, March 2011, Fukushima.
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