pearls around the neck 135 to me Fri, 13 April 2011 at 10:23 AM
Loving Cath,
Luckily, I could be reunited with all my children around 2:30 in the morning. I first picked up the 3
smallest ones at school right after the quake but it took me a dreadful ten-hour trip, to find Henry,
our oldest son at his school. Henry was coming back from a skiing trip in Nagoya. Of course, my
cell phone was out of battery and Pierre, my husband was in Shanghai on a business trip…
Imagine the panic in which I found Henry, poor child!
I love you my friend!
I suppose that from now on, readers will expect literature to draft out something. What remains
to be known is in which direction the elaboration should go? In the direction of communication,
meaning the relation towards one another or in the direction of a prayer, meaning, towards
Keiishiro Hirano, born in 1975. Excerpt from the magazine Shincho, October 2011. to me Sat, 14 April 2011 at 9:37 AM
Dear Cath and dear friends,
Thank you everyone for your concern.
Please forgive me for sending you all the same response at once. Indeed, this was a HUGE
earthquake. It was felt strongly even here in Tokyo! I was at the Takashimaya department store in
It happened just as I got OUT of the elevator from the 8th floor… Am I not lucky? Shinjuku is
about an hour by foot, so I began walking but strangely enough, as in a surrealistic nightmare, a
bus was still running and I managed to have a ride.
My husband was already home and we made the summary of the situation: where was everybody?
It took us 28 hours to regroup the family. The railroad system was shut. The cell phones and regular
phone lines were so congested that they were of NO USE; e-mails via the computer have been our
‘life line’.
Our house has not been damaged. When I returned home though, all the sliding doors were open,
but that was it!
In Tokyo we are still feeling after shocks and they predict more for the next few days and even
weeks to come. So we follow the emergency plan as stated. I see that CNN is reporting the
devastation the TSUNAMI has caused along (and inland) the seashore from North to South of
These pictures we see over and over on our TV screens are horrendous! We have never seen this!
How can nature be so cruel!
There will probably be further distressing news as the hours and days progress. There was another
strong quake near Nagano this morning and we are worried.
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