150 pearls around the neck
Gleaned and picked in the Fields
Picking and gleaning.
Cécile Conti
Location: Dourdan, France
Introduction: Loves flowers, trees, birds, and the nucleus of the atom all the way to the Milky Way.
Interests: Taking strolls in the country, picking mushrooms in the forest, picking flowers and berries in
the fields.
Favorite music: Classical guitar
Favorite book: The Little Prince by Antoine de St Exupery
(Editor’s note: Cécile Conti is a classical guitar concert artist and a mathematician. She is passionate about
exact sciences. She is a poet, the mother of four, and the grandmother of three little babies).
Dandelion flower honey
Scout for a field in full bloom.
Pick the most blossoming flowers: it has to be as though you were picking the brightest stars in the sky!
Don’t be surprised if your hands become yellow and sticky. It’s only the beginning, for you must only
keep the yellow petals and meticulously take off the green stems and sepals. This luminous result will then
be covered with water and left to seep for a whole night before filtering and weighing. Then, for one liter
of liquid, add one and a half kilos of sugar, the juice of two squeezed lemons, the grated zest from one
lemon and one packet of vanilla sugar.
Simmer for a good hour.
Add a packet of pectin. Put into jars.
Note: let yourself be tempted by milk flavored with acacia honey or, why not, with thyme syrup!!
Author: Cécile Conti, France, 2011
English translator: Sylvie Froschl
Picture from the blog
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