16 pearls around the neck
Today, perhaps
At this very moment…
A young girl awakens to her dawning femininity
At the beginning of a new day
A young woman is awakening to her senses.
Her alabaster white skin grows finer, her pores breathe,
Her slender hands open up
Her fingers reach out and
Caress her rounded hips.
Traveling up the curve of her arched back,
They discover the fullness of her haunches
Feeling her plump backside
Her eyes
She perceives the curve of the small of her back.
Her slender thighs imperceptibly part
Her fingertips brush timidly against the blond bouquet,
The soft down nestled between her legs.
Suddenly moist, warm, throbbing with blood
Flushed with unexplored desire, she blooms at this candid invitation to touch,
Swelling and blossoming
Her groin is seized by light undulations.
Her breasts harden
Responding to the flow of desire set off by this
Awakening body
Offering full, generous curves,
Deliciously hardened nipples.
Her face is a request
Her eyes mist over.
Her moistened and slightly parted lips
Her cheeks, nose, hair
Her golden hair.
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