168 pearls around the neck
Everybody whose
Lives been
Affected by your
Nasty ass
First class
To dead broke
Boast of millions of deaths.
Take all till nothing’s left.
I saw my aunt
Exhale her last breath
All because of you.
And she was only 52
And he was only 29
And she was just 5
And he was 12
And she was 16
And he was 60
And she was 7
And he has 11
And she was 49
And he was feeling fine
until his wife’s fingers felt that lump.
Lungs, ovaries, bones, prostate, cervix
Larynx, stomach just to name a few
I mean, who created you?
A thing so foul and vile
To claim the life of an innocent child?
You have no mercy
That’s why I curse thee
I saw you up close and personal
Families, you be hurting them
Relatives that give all they have
Driving to and from doctor’s appointments
Looking into the eyes of
Disappointed loved ones as
They fight for their lives
Friends that give gifts
Of laughter and wigs, and comfort
Those who console souls
That you stole
Late night sickness
False hopes and wishes
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