pearls around the neck 17
She is fertile
Impregnated, filled, saturated with her femininity.
How can words evoke such wealth?
The promise
Residing in the abundance of being a woman.
So womanly in the morning dew
Her groin’s voluptuous pleasure, her warm womb
Her generous breasts?
What lines could portray
The fragility
Of becoming a woman
At the dawn of a new day?
What colors?
Could be blended to paint
The pigments of her gifts?
Every attempt is meaningless.
Poets, writers, artists, sculptors
Painters, singers, lovers and musicians
All have tried, losing their minds and always trying
In vain. Every morning,
A young woman is destined to become a woman.
Always through time, the expression of Femininity
Is empty: exhausted, barren.
And so
To preserve forever
The essence of being Woman,
Thousands of centuries ago
Was born
On a small island with waves at sea
From her hair
The Jacaranda tree
Tropical with clusters of brightly colored flowers
Under the sun,
Its fruity cloves, its velvety leaves
All encompassing.
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