206 pearls around the neck
I want to return home
I want to return to my land.
I want to feel again
The crystal clear creek tickling under my feet…
It’s twisting dancing minnows.
I want to hear again
The chirr of cicadas
On sleepy summer afternoons.
I want to watch again
Under black mantles
Enhanced by voiceless stars.
I want to sit again
Under the carob tree
Listening to the eloquent silence of the mountains
Fading on the horizon.
I want to share again
The warm milk of the goats
With hungry, orphan puppies
And bite the ripen figs that fall on my hand.
I want to smell the fragrance of Piquillín and Aromo1
And hear the ill-omened owls during dark nights.
And sitting by the fire to the sound of strumming guitars
Loose myself in the stories of the Evil Light.
I want to return home
I want to return to my land…
I want to return.
Author: Nené Lucero, Cordoba, Argentina, 2009
English translator: Graciela Hammer
Illustration: Catherine Beeckman
1 Mountain plants also used in herbal medecine.
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