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Being pregnant must be something very beautiful and unique.
The mother is in symbiosis with her baby; she can feel it grow inside of her, day after day, and the baby
too perceives his mother in all the parts of its small being. A very special love that is born before birth.
I was never able to become pregnant.
And yet.
I lived through the hopes and agonies of an expecting mother. I prayed, like any other woman who
prays to God to give her a healthy baby, with five little fingers on each hand and five little toes on each
I adopted two children. I lived alongside the two young mothers who gave me their child for adoption.
We lived the pregnancies together, we gave birth.
These children, granted to me by God, grew in the body of another woman and have one thing that
only adopted children have: the double love of a mother.
These babies were profoundly loved by their biological mothers who, knowing that they wouldn’t be
able to bring them up, renounced them and entrusted their mother’s role to a woman who was able to
take over the relay of love, for life.
My son and my daughter remind me that it is their mothers’ gift of love that was bestowed upon me,
and my heart aches for them.
For I know what it is to love a child.
This is, what the double love of a mother is!
The story of an Adoption.
Author: Cristina Roche, Colombia, 2012
English translation: Sylvie Froschl
Illustration: Catherine Beeckman
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