38 pearls around the neck
You scare me
The others dream of exotic adventure
The thrill of danger, feeling the red-hot rush of life
They are immortal, nothing is impossible
They are young and they will bend the world to their will
Everything has been handed to me on a magnificent
Golden platter,
Expectations and responsibilities an inevitable and
Unwanted bonus
Now I should want what the others want,
That wild youth followed by a prestigious job and
A position
An apartment in the city simplistically decorated with
Contemporary art
And streamlined furniture
So you scare me
You dark image of serenity, you dream of warm comfort
When the others hope for wild experiences
Why is all I want… an autumn forest
A hand to hold
A tiny new life to take care of?
Author: Ana Jespersen, 18 year old, Denmark
LSNEPAL http://lsnepal.com/our-school/intro/
Illustration: Catherine Beeckman
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