pearls around the neck 41
Taking care of her family with the speed of lightening
Running after the children, cleaning, tidying and
Meeting her husband’s needs
Her moves are graceful yet fast.
Working eight hours, still
The children are grown with children of their own
Dedicating time for tasty generous family dinners
She enjoys her grandchildren
Yet still she meets her husbands needs
Now her moves are graceful with a steady beat
The grandchildren are grown with children of their own
Although she doesn’t prepare meals any more
She now sits and enjoys
Her great grandchildren running through her home
She still meets her husband’s needs
Yet her moves are still graceful but slower
She has transformed
Like the butterfly she always loves
My mother’s spirit is bright
Colorful, full of life, care, affection and laughter
Although her moves are still graceful
Yet shorter and slower
Shorter and slower
By a thankful African American daughter, whom
regained her life through the love and care of her mother. Denita is 42 years old today. This poem
celebrates the anniversary of her rehabilitation and the radical breakthrough she faced 15 years ago.
1 Danita’s mother is a very respected Gospel Singer: at 86, she still signs every Sunday at Church.
Author: Danita, USA, 2012
Illustration: a picture of Danita’s mother
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