3. The Pearl of Mother
Life Cycle
Denita, USA
Kneeling in the Hallway
Catherine Beeckman, USA
Self Portrait of a Confession
R.V.I., Belgium
For Mom
Paula Saporiti, Uruguay
The Reason Why
Anonymous, Chile
4. The Pearl of Love
The Amorous Battle
Marisa Estelrich, USA
Look at Me
Maria Antequera, Argentina
Die Zoen. The Kiss, from a Woman to a Woman
Karin Hougaard, South Africa
Falling Rose Petals
Ohnmar Win, Myanmar
5. The Pearl of Disillusion
The final Period
Cynthia Jaramillo, Ecuador
Bob by the Pond
Catherine Beeckman, USA
Logorrhea or Silence. A hybrid Dialogue
Juana Lende, Argentina
6. The Pearl of Sexuality
Sex in the City
Catherine Beeckman, USA
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