pearls around the neck 59
Author: Maria Antequera, Argentina, 2010
English translators: Catherine Beeckman, Susan Surrat
Illustration: Tim Gallo
Look at me, look at me…
Can’t you see I’m waiting for you?
I’ve put on my mouth the color of blood
That catches looks in silence…
(My mouth:
Flower of flesh, carnivorous and palpitating,
It shuts at a word,
It opens in a kiss,
In the flash of an instant…)
Look at me, look at me…
See how I wait for you?
My skin perfumed and soft
Between veil and velvet.
And gathered on my neck, the cascade of my hair…
Flows, slowly, the jewels around my collar,
The delicate lace, the engraved belt,
The intense color that sculpts my body…
Your eyes are this deep mirror
In which finding myself, I lose myself.
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