A Nightingale on your Stem
Marisa Estelrich, USA
“Harpy” of the cell phone: Sexting.
Anonymous, USA
Sex in Tokyo: Sex…?
Catherine Beeckman, Japan
7. The Pearl of Political Conflict
The first Day in the Life of a Cuban-American
Sylvia Amarilis, Cuba
I great You, Maria full of Grace
Catherine Beeckman, USA/Congo
Crossing Borders, crossing Limits
María de Jesús García Sánchez, Mexico
A mixed Couple: the Politics of Love
Tina, Angel and Lauren, USA
I am an African. If I am white?
Karin Hougaard, South Africa
Dearest Amalia
Lucia Marroquin, Argentina
Deboleena Mazumbar, India
8. The Pearl of Social Commitment
10,000 Girls in Kaolak
Catherine Beeckman and Viola Vaughn, Senegal
Innocent and fragile Victims of a Cataclysm
Olivia Owen, Haiti
Tohoku Earthquake
Catherine Beeckman, Japan
A fantastic anti-plastic Mother
Valérie Lecoeur, USA
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