9. The Pearl of Culinary Gems
Irreverent Recipe!
Jean Stevens, USA
A blog: gleaned and picked in Nature
Cécile Conti, France
A heroic Fair
Catherine Beeckman, USA
10. The Pearl of Illness
An ordinary Day
Udderly ridiculous. The X-ray of a Nipple
Anonymous, Germany
A Message to my Enemy
Eurydice L. White, USA
An endless Appetite for Desires
Catherine Beeckman, Belgium
11. The Pearl of Time that ages us
A Castaway of Time
Catherine Beeckman, USA
Ruin of a Woman
Amalia Saporiti Amorim, Spain
Lucia Arroquin, Argentina
12. The Pearl of Death
The Loss of a Child
C.d.W., Switzerland
Our Northern Star
Marijke Delen B., Canada
In Black
Amailia Saporiti Amorim, Spain
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