80 pearls around the neck
- I’m leaving.
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- No. This time I will not come back.
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- Yes, you are right. I lost all credibility.
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- Do not raise your voice. No more scenes, be kind. I’m leaving.
- (…klasjd876? Oierot 8974mkbfop *(& ?)
- It is no longer of my concern. I’m sorry.
- (…KHJS uyr%# 876da pi[]p klmc cb,motn rwe?)
- Oh, it is easer than it seems to be. You will figure it out.
You have always been able to manage.
- (… AJhp[oiwe ./,23 oupt *& roeumnv[iper ,sfiuet?)
- No. I don’t expect anything from you. You don’t owe me a thing.
There are no accounts to settle.
- (…POI %$ kalsf)( kejfpoeut zxnmb {MB#&^ ljsdu KHu?)
- I trust you. You have always been an honest man.
- (…kljsdk? Opwr? Powurnciueg564?)
- To separate, to start fresh, to divorce; you name it. I am leaving you.
- (…Ajfoeur ?)
- They are grown-ups now; they don’t need us any longer. Soon they will build their own lives and we
will not be a part of it.
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