pearls around the neck 81
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- I beg you. Not one more single word.
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- Try to understand. I don’t want anything from you. Nothing.
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- Call me a taxi, the one you always call.
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- Give me a hand with those suitcases: they are heavy. Would you, please?
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- Don’t hold me back.
- (…lkshjf *&% slk013 mzxnbv?., pieresl;qwaaahsdn.)
- Actually, you can still give me something; you have always been so generous.
Give me the silence.
The silence of solitude, not the silence of loneliness.
I don’t love you any more.
- (…silence…)
Author: Juana Lende, Argentina, 2011
English translator: Catherine Beeckman
Illustration: Tim Gallo
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