A hospital in Bangui, Central African Republic.
She places a thin strip of red fabric around her newborn daughter’s neck; it will protect her.
Well, maybe it will. Who knows?
Where does this tradition come from? That’s not what matters…
Kirra Beach, Australia.
Necklaces made of natural fibers, wooden beads and various seeds are displayed on the sand. She
chooses the simplest one and ties it around her already encumbered neck, thus completing her
collection of autochthon jewels.
Galliera Museum, Paris, France.
She absentmindedly runs her fingers over the pearls of her necklace. The nacreous, opaline presence of
the fine pearls soothes her, bringing her the bit of serenity that evades her at these society events.
« Los 36 Billares », Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A ribbon of black silk, a cameo engraved on red coralline, gold gilding… She closes the velvety case, her
emotions stirred. She takes another sip of coffee and decides to call him, at last.
A bedroom, Seattle, United States.
Where did I put it? Where could it possibly be?
I’ve been misplacing everything lately! What?
No, the necklace Granny gave me as a present, you know, the Art Deco one with the geometric design,
by Harry Winston?
Where is it?
She has, you have, I have, we all have a necklace around our neck, whichever it may be.
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