94 pearls around the neck
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21 feb. 2012 1:13 AM
CMON …I’m so ZZZZ Come on, I’m so bored.
Go 2 ur compu, & GNOC OK, go to your computer and get naked behind the camera.
9 @ home WHAT! Parents at home.
X-1-10 Exciting.
GYPO Get your pants of.
XME! Excuse me!
CMOM! YGG Come on, you go girl!
use ur phone
STV Use your phone, set on vibe.
PIB Phone in but.
@;@ WTF Amazed, shocked feeling.
What the fuck!
RU horny yet? Are you horny yet?
DU masturbate? Do you masturbate?
FIV? Finger in vagina?
D2 dedos= fingers
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