thing as a ‘bad’ emotion. It’s how we handle our emotions that
matters.”20 There would be many moments and situations in
days ahead when I had to implement the important task of
mirroring my kids, put on my coaching hat, and get to work.
One particular Sunday morning, I was given the chance to
practice my growing mirroring skills with our daughter.
She had longed for, dreamed of, and planned how to
make it happen for months. It had lots of pockets, pouches,
and zippers. It was one of her favorite colors, camouflage
green. This Bible cover was “it.” Spotted at the Sunday school
Bible bucks store, this cover required a long process of
showing up and doing various activities to earn the purchasing
power for this much-desired item. Bible buck deals and trades
with her sister had been made, broken, and renegotiated,
delaying the procurement of this yearned for object. She
worked extra hard to secure the needed bucks for the deal.
Sunday was the day. She had enough to purchase the
cover as well as five extra bucks to buy canned goods to donate
to those in need of food. She counted and recounted and had
a plan. As we got ready to leave the house, she dropped hints
and obviously couldn’t wait to get in the car and head to
church. Running ahead, she got into line, anxious to make this
long awaited, in the life of a nine year old, purchase.
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