it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”1 Despite my own self
and lack of awareness, God is at work.
After adopting our daughters, somewhere along a
three-year fog of sleep deprivation, night terrors, and
behavioral challenges, I as mother came to a critical crossroad.
There was a big rage and tantrum that went on for hours. I
pulled out all of the tools in my parenting toolbox, got to the
bottom, and it was completely empty. It was as if in that
moment, God bent down and whispered, or more accurately
yelled, into my ear, “You can change yourself and your
parenting or you can dig in, cling to your old ways, and in the
process destroy two children. This is your choice”. That was
holy ground. It was a sacred invitation to a step-by-step
I remember a showdown in our home between my
then CEO husband and our then preschool aged daughter.
Highly paraphrased, this exasperated dad said, “I am in charge
of a large company and people do what I say. But I can in no
way control this twenty-pound little girl.” Thanks be to God
for the things in life over which we have no control. They are
so very often the vehicles of grace moving into our lives. This
book chronicles the lessons learned along my motherhood
journey toward adopting grace for myself, my family, and
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