always know that “come what may, mom and dad are right by
my side.”
On the topic of life’s challenges, there are varying
degrees and flavors of such experiences. Sometimes heartaches
weave in and out of the everyday moments in life. School,
home, church, and neighborhoods are all fertile ground to
learn of the satisfactions and disappointments that are an
integral part of relationships. After mothering three sons, I
realize that there is a different slant as I support my daughters
in navigating the world of friendships.
I know that girls can be mean. I started the book Queen
Bees and Wannabes a few years ago but found it so depressing
that I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. We have the
American Girl books on friendships and have read them. I had
heard from seasoned moms that sometime during the later
elementary years, the mean girl thing really heats up. The truth
is that back in my own coming of age days, I was at times both
a mean girl and a mean girl target.
I have raised three sons. They certainly had their share
of disagreements and squabbles, but the male way of dealing
with things is most often quite direct and efficient. A kick, a
punch, and then usually approximately two minutes later, back
to the task at hand, and all are still friends. It is most often over
and done just like that.
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