put voice to her own feelings. That happened as we drove
home from the race.
My goal is to raise daughters who are kind and
compassionate and can process and handle the meanness of
others in healthy ways. The only way to get there is through
practice and living into days like this day. My role is not to
interfere or fix or deny but to listen, receive their feelings, and
sometimes offer encouragement as they grow and mature and
figure it all out.
Sometimes the heartbreak and suffering that enter our
lives as parent are much more painful and challenging than the
everyday setbacks that happen along the way. The stakes are
much higher. When someone we love is in severe crisis or a
life-threatening situation, our response is often to beg God for
a miracle. Especially when that someone is our child.
I’ve walked through life long enough to observe and
experience that miracles do indeed happen. But the why, how,
and whens of such supernatural events are a complete mystery.
It seems to me that it is dangerous and detrimental on so many
levels to believe that if we believe and pray in just the right way,
with just the right posture, and get just the right people to join
in, we can be assured of the miracle we so desire. My earliest
conservative religion did not prepare me for the very real
nuances and complexities around this topic.
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