In recent years, I have observed people of great faith
thrust into fighting life-threatening battles alongside their
beloved sons and daughters. On more than one occasion, the
final outcome has been every parent’s deepest vulnerability and
fear the death of a child. I have also witnessed events of great
and unexpected healing in the lives of others. It is a rare event,
yet it does happen against the predictions of scientific, medical,
and human reason. My heart mourns with those who have
experienced great pain and loss and rejoices with those who
have experienced extraordinary healing and mercy. Yet I find
this “miracle territory” to be a place of confusion and doubt.
A delicate balance is necessary to make any sense of it all within
my heart, soul, and mind. As a person comfortable asking the
question “why?” this particular matter leads to great unsettling
When there is a big miracle in the midst of a
community, I wonder how those who didn’t get one in their
hour of desperate pleas and prayers process this. Are they
angry and resentful? Are they able to rejoice with those who
rejoice, or is it just too painful at times? Do they have a safe
place to express their deepest doubts and questions? Making
peace with a God who can intervene, but doesn’t, is tough
And for those I know who have received their heart’s
desire and their particular prayer for a miracle became a reality,
what does that feel like? Though there is much gratitude and
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