“Wont to unlearn from history,
we aptly repeat even its most brazen mistakes.”
Eskinder Nega
I have heard it said that those of us who become parents
choose one of three pathways. We repeat the parenting
practice of our own parents. We totally rebel against the way
in which we were raised. Or healthiest of all, we intentionally
consider what we desire to keep from our parents’ ways and
what we want to change. The path chosen informs values
taught, faith expression passed along, and hundreds of daily
decisions that affect our children. Unless we choose the third
pathway, we mostly roll along living, as well as parenting, from
an unconscious place. As I entered into the early days of being
a mom, I was most often a repeater.
I find this interesting. Raised in a conservative
Southern Baptist church, I have been on a lifetime journey to
make peace with myself, the Christian faith, and with God.
Many doubts and questions about this particular brand of
religion were present and rolling around my heart and mind
from a very young age. But it took time and courage to put the
misgivings on the table and carefully examine them.
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