caretakers can be interpreted “sunshiny blessing from heaven.”
In days, months, and years ahead, I will continue to ponder and
wrestle with this very literal grace and blessing in my life.
As the one-year anniversary of the tree fall approached
and the memories of a day blanketed with mercy and grace rose
up to surface level, my heart raced accompanied by a stomach
that flipped and flopped. The story could have ended in
tragedy, yet we were all spared. The “why God does it happen
this way sometimes, and sometimes not” questions persist. The
“what ifs” still occasionally flow through my mind and haunt
me. These moments are always followed by a desire to fall face
down, spread eagle on the floor with gratitude for the grace
sprinkled all around our family on that particular evening.
Just after the tree fall anniversary, our neighbor and his
dad were up on the roof. There was a fall. Our local first
responders were on the scene within minutes, just like on the
day that our girl tumbled down. A memory rose up for one of
the emergency workers. He recalled being on this street and
the brick home two houses down. In the midst of tending to
another fallen family member, he sought out our neighbor
Yasmin, mom of three young children. He hesitantly and in a
hushed tone asked a question. “Ma’am, there was a little girl
who fell from a tree. Over there. Two houses down. It was a
really big fall. Do you know if she is ok? In this job, we never
get to find out how the story ends. Is she normal?”
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