approach this miracle within my family. The mystery of the
miracle is an ongoing wrestling match within, and our
particular story only magnifies the questions. I have no
answers. I am learning to be content in the mystery.
Though my daughter has healed and life has moved
forward, this is still a very tender story held within my mother’s
heart. There is a scar of reminder that sometimes rubs against
my soul and the reality of the utter vulnerability of being this
thing called mom. Many prefer to deny and repress this
common to every parent possibility of having our hearts
crushed in a matter of seconds. Letting this fragile reality come
to the surface on occasion offers up a more profound gratitude
and joy around each moment with this child which in turn
extends to each person that I love. Knowing more fully the
fragility of life invites me to deeper love and greater joy. It is a
gateway to living with an open and vulnerable heart not only
for those I love most but also to those I once deemed as
One of my favorite Isaiah verses begins, “I will give
you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places.”
When I look back over some of the darkest and most
challenging times in life, I did in fact receive treasures and
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