riches during those days. It certainly did not feel that way in
the midst of living the moments, but with time and reflection,
it is the reality.
Life has taught me the truth of Brené Brown’s words,
“There is a full spectrum of human emotions, and when we
numb the dark we numb the light.”25 In order to experience
the grace and joy all around me, I have to open myself to pain
and suffering. When I work hard to push away the more
difficult human feelings, I am also denying myself access to the
beauty of life.
So rather than desire safety, security, and smooth
sailing for my children, I borrow a phrase from one of my
favorite authors, Anne Lamott. I wish for “traveling mercies”
as they encounter the wide scope of human experience. In fact,
“traveling mercies” has become the heartbeat of many of my
prayers and requests on behalf of those I love.
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