union was much maligned in the denomination of my youth.
We first met along the regular and mundane road of childhood
activities. It began with speaking hello as we dropped off and
picked up our children. It went a little deeper as we chatted and
shared as mothers, of children born of our hearts but not our
bodies. At first, such a lifestyle was uncomfortable to me as the
years of hell and damnation proclamations rattled through my
brain. But way down in my deepest heart I always suspected
that God saw it differently and thus could I.
Recently as I sat watching my girl play soccer, one of
these moms came up from behind and tapped me on the
shoulder. Her lovely smile greeted me with warmth and
acceptance. I am so glad she could not see into my conflicted
soul during our early meeting days, or maybe she could and
offered me extreme grace. Looking back, irrational fear and the
messages of my youth put up a wall, but thankfully barriers can
be broken. I have observed how this family is beautiful and full
of love. My friend is a good and kind mother and wife.
Her daughter was trying a new sport and mine was in
the goal for the first time in a very long time. We had five
minutes of connection as we talked of birthdays and the death
of her mother. We experienced honest human connection.
There was nothing at all to fear. What is it that has quelled the
damning voices inside my mind? It is the face-to-face, friend-
to- friend interactions with “others” that has led the way. They
are in fact not “others” at all.
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