mom, possess a great deal of power to either add or subtract
pain and suffering to the journeys of my children. If I choose
to “otherize” my own child, I have then decided to cause them
pain and suffering. I choose a different path. I commit to
loving each of my children well, no matter what comes.
I was playing cards with one of my sons and shared my
story of the store clerk encounter. His response was, “Mothers
should rule the world.” In many ways, we do. If we wear
garments of grace, then a compassionate and kind kingdom
will come.
So if there is a people group that makes me squirm or
I just don’t understand, the challenge is to live a life that will
cross paths with such individuals. Sometimes they show up in
random daily interactions. Other times they move in next door
or are present in my own family. If I open my ears and heart
to form relationship, there is always much to learn. It truly is
so very often who I know.
Dear Formerly “Other,”
I am sorry. I am willing to soften my heart, put aside judgment, and see
you as fully human, just like me. I am ready to listen to your voice and
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