intention. As I release my children, I desire to dwell in the
mystery and faithfulness of God and to find joy and delight as
they discover and live out their own dreams and lives. My
children have great treasures to share with me, but if I can’t see
beyond my own expectations and desires for them, I am going
to miss out. As they grow up and out into their own places, I
get to practice living out my beliefs. A valuable first step is to
loosen my grip and gently let go.
A few years ago, our family moved out of the home we
had lived in for twenty-three years. The physical and emotional
tasks around this move forced a lesson in letting go. I often
found myself asking this question: What can fall aside and what
shall remain?
On the October 1991 day that we moved into our
beautiful two story 1960’s brick home, I snuck away from the
moving day chaos and headed to a local lab. “Yes,” the lab
worker said, “you are pregnant.” It was a joyful day on so many
levels as I learned that our third child was on the way. This son
spent his entire growing up days in this house.
As I prepared for our move, sorting through keepsakes
and memorabilia with each of our three sons was bittersweet.
What was of value to them at the end of high school and
college had shifted. It was poignant to walk alongside as each
son decided what he wanted to take forward and what could
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