longer share an address, there are endless prospects and an
excitement around the choices before me. With gratitude for
the past and the path traveled, I also look forward to the shifts
and transformation ahead. The possibilities beckon. One thing
I do know is this. The steps ahead must always be grounded in
faith, hope, and the greatest of these, love.
When I was a baby, a family friend gifted to me a
Christmas stocking made of felt. It spells out PATRICIA at the
top and is adorned with Santa and other Christmasy symbols.
This creation inspired a tradition, and my mom made a similar
one for each member of our growing family, including her
Each year, I hang my stocking with hope and care, and
Santa always delivers. I don’t remember the exact exchange,
but at some point before my first Christmas as a wife, my mom
delivered the PATRICIA stocking to me to hang in our
newlywed home. So for my first married Christmas, I hung it
up. I am so glad Santa followed and found me in my new
On December 21, 2014, our youngest son asked his
beautiful girlfriend to marry him. We already loved this young
lady deeply and were so very excited to add one more daughter
to the crazy Wilson mix. The promise of plus one to our family
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