apologies, contrition, and an agreement that it was most
important to put this aside until much later, we traveled to our
downtown destination. I practiced deep breathing and resolved
to settle down for this most important celebration before us.
My backseat passenger and his dad noticed my elevated stress
level and massaged my shoulders to assist in relief. It was a
generous and welcome laying on of hands.
After an hour of technology set up, a space in which I
can feel most inept, we worked through the issues and were on
our way to rehearse for the wedding ceremony. From that
point, all went well on this day. The energy was high,
relationships were formed and renewed, and stories were
shared. We enjoyed the video of bride and groom childhood
photos set to sentimental songs. The video that I lovingly
prepared then transitioned into a visual narrative of this
couple’s story. I went to bed most grateful.
Around 6:00 am, we heard groaning and crying in the
loft above our room. Our youngest girl complained of stomach
pains and restless sleep. After some discussion, the diagnosis
was that it was most likely a case of eating a bit “off diet” the
previous night coupled with nervous energy around her
groomsmaid (she was going to stand on her brother’s side) role
for the day. I headed off to an early morning pre-wedding yoga
class, a mutual passion and pursuit with the bride, and soaked
up the relaxing and centering instruction. For me, this was a
most desirable start to a wedding day. The forecasted rain and
cold had given way to blue skies.
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