As I rolled back to our home base, news of our littlest
girl getting sick in the bathroom and her return to sleep greeted
me. I still held out hope that this was a one and done situation.
After all, this was a very big day. Her brother was getting
married. Dresses, shoes, hairstyles, and ceremony had been
talked of for months. This was no day for a stomach bug.
We were on a fairly unforgiving schedule, continued to
march through the day, and showed up at the places required.
We arrived at the bride’s home with dresses in tow. We
brought makeup and hair supplies and were ready to roll.
Having a sister-in-law afforded our girls a much more stylish
look than mom could provide. Sister-in-law got to curling and
twisting and making beautiful. But the stomach continued to
I felt a great deal of tension and turmoil as we navigated
the next hours. Between getting my own clothes and makeup
in place, I checked in with our daughter. Any change? Do you
think you are going to be sick, or the more hopeful do you feel
any better now? The look on her face was not a promising one.
I tried to isolate her in case we were dealing with a virus while
also knowing that if that was in fact the verdict, she had been
around all these people for the past twenty-four hours. I hoped
with all my might that she would be able to be a part in her
brother’s most important day. My husband and I huddled to
make contingency plans. We clarified that mother and father
of the groom being present as much as possible was the
primary goal for this day.
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