hear of her situation. Our girl’s sass had bowed down to sick
on this particular day. He kept voicing hope that maybe she
would come to the party for just a little while. I think he had
hopes of dancing with our sassy girl.
During other segments of my journey, such an
inopportune time for a fender bender and a stomach bug
would have thrown me off balance in a more profound way.
Though there were both deep disappointments and a wish for
a partially different script on these days, the weekend was full
of joy and laughter and tears and gratitude. We welcomed
another beautiful daughter-in-law, and one more of our
children had made a home with the one he loves most deeply.
On Sunday morning, our girl woke up after about 14
hours of sleep and was almost as good as new. There were
fifteen awful hours that came at a most unfortunate time. As
we looked out the window on this day, we witnessed another
short-lived, snowy surprise. Sometimes the undesired or
unpredictable happen. A benefit of letting go of that which we
cannot control is a more peace-filled walk through life.
Despite the twists and unexpected detours along this
weekend, we still experienced great joy and true family,
permeated with hope and the beauty of new beginnings. I
believe this is an accurate picture of life, particularly life in
partnership with another. There will be times of exhilaration
and contentment coupled with periods of pain and unexpected
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