As I reflected on the many aspects of this wedding
weekend, I was instructed and inspired. To each of my children
as they partner up and form families, I offer this blessing:
When things go a little bit or a great deal awry and the
unexpected shows up in your days and years ahead, I wish you
grace in each moment. I hope that you know true love and joy
all along the way. I echo these words that were sung as I
experienced an emotional mother-son dance: “There was
nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our
name.”29 I am most honored to be family with you.
As the day approached for our middle son to exchange
marriage vows with his fiancée, I received an email request
from Sybil, the mother of the bride. She had a special wish.
Her desire was for us to assemble a basket together. She
wanted to fill it with favorite items representing each of our
individual families as well as some that symbolized our
children’s new life together. From my perspective, it seemed
like a kind gesture, but I could tell that this had deeper meaning
to my new friend who would soon give her daughter in
marriage. As the day approached, she made it clear that putting
together this basket was her highest priority on the day before
our children’s union.
As I discussed this request with someone close to me,
her wisdom shed light on the situation. This basket was a
transition object. It symbolized the passing of our beloved
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