In my personal experience, it has been well worth the
sweat and tears required. The gifts along the way are of utmost
value and to be cherished. Along this journey called
motherhood, I have found that which my soul sought for so
long. As I dispense grace to myself and to my family, it is more
accessible and can flow over and out into the world and upon
each person I meet along my way. This journey began as Mark,
our sons, and I dreamed of and got ready for the arrival of two
beautiful girls into the Wilson family.
As we prepared to adopt our daughters, we consulted
our sons about what name to give each of them. One was
named after a middle school crush! Our boys had a significant
role in the naming of their sisters. Each of the girls has four
names that include the Chinese name that they brought with
them into our family. Amidst these extra long names are the
words Grace and Joy. We had absolutely no idea how
prophetic the naming of our daughters would turn out to be.
Today, my heart overflows with gratitude, because I can now
genuinely say that I dwell in a place of much grace and
tremendous joy. Despite the promises made by my earlier
religion of such a dwelling place, I didn’t truly abide there until
A few months ago, I sat among fellow journeyers from
my diverse and growing faith community. As only God can
arrange through the twists and turns of life, this meeting was
at the home of the therapist who worked with our family when
our third grade son was in need of help for anxiety. This man
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