There are so very many friends and family that have
played meaningful roles in encouraging me to be the person
that I am today. There are far too many to name, but at the top
of the list, I have gratitude for these:
Thank you to my parents for loving me and for giving
me the freedom and courage to pursue my voice and passions.
Thank you for taking me to church and inviting me into this
most interesting journey of faith.
I give a big shout out of thanks to my writing coach,
Ed Cyzewski. Because of your suggestions, edits, and kind
persistence, this rookie author has written a much better book.
Thanks also to Mark and Liisa for your invaluable feedback.
And to my son Chris, thank you for being my “web guy” and
book cover designer.
Thank you to my friend Rose Lynne Clinkscales
Bowman of Winston-Salem, NC who created the beautiful
artwork and “storyboard” of my life that hangs in our kitchen
and is partially revealed on my book cover. It truly was “a gift
of love” and the product of a thirty-year friendship. I am most
grateful for you.
There are quite a few mental health professionals who
have played critical roles in our family’s life. Thank you to
David, Greta, Kim, Patti, Erin, and Beverly for guiding and
challenging me along the journey toward true grace for myself,
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