One day I spent several hours with my beautiful friend
of fifteen plus years, Amy. Due to earthquake type
circumstances in each of our lives, along with the natural shifts
in life as children grow and circumstances change, we had not
spent much recent time together. I unexpectedly showed up at
her door with the intent to just drop off a birthday gift and
quickly head home to a mountain of tasks awaiting me. The
doorbell woke her from sleep, yet she graciously invited me
into her cozy, well-loved home.
This friend has traveled a rough road. Chronic physical
pain, a rip your heart out divorce, judgment from a pharisaical
crowd, and life as a single mom are a few of the recent twists
and turns in her life. She has a magnetic personality and is
beautiful through and through, in both internal and external
ways. In our heart to heart conversation, she said, “When I
used to look at you, I saw you trying to be something that you
were not. Now when I look at you, I see the real you, who you
truly are.” Her observations shed light on the person I used to
project to the world, and words of grace were imparted as she
acknowledged who I was becoming. While she may not know
the specifics of my deepest struggles, she does have a heart that
sees and knows others. We were real and vulnerable as we
caught each other up on our lives, challenges, and joys.
As we were laying open our lives before one another, I
sensed and then spoke that there seemed to be something deep
down in her soul that did not believe she was a beloved and
precious child of God. We were kindred spirits in that way. She
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