the next two days would include times with four people in a
small, intimate hotel room, I realized that I needed to figure
out a way to recharge. As the rest of the family headed to a
football game, I asked myself, “what can I do to fill my soul?”
for the next six hours.
It was a beautiful New England day, so I decided to
jump onto the T and head somewhere that I had never been
before: Cambridge, the home of Harvard University. First stop
was a yoga studio where my body and spirit were renewed.
Then an unhurried walk around a beautiful university campus,
followed by the discovery of a fun and delicious local eating
place with a book in hand. Though the original thought was to
take public transportation back to downtown Boston, the
weather and something internal beckoned me to instead start
walking the four miles back. I passed beautiful historical
homes, an ethnic neighborhood, a financial district, and
crossed a bridge while gazing out at a stunning cityscape. It was
six hours well spent.
It has taken time and experimentation to discover the
things that are truly life giving for me. A critical step in this
discovery was to clear away the things that had become
burdensome and joy stealing. All of the volunteering and
busyness blurred my vision and prevented me from seeing
what matters most. A few things that quench my personal heart
thirst are writing, listening to authors tell their stories, one on
one time with my husband, listening to interesting podcasts,
receiving communion, reading, doing yoga, indie movies,
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