As I made way for self-care and created space to
discover my passions, I also became better able to tolerate my
accountability in problematic family interactions. I have slowly
but surely taken responsibility for my role in our particular
family dynamics. There aren’t many parenting paradigms that
emphasize behavioral changes required of the grown ups in a
family. Most of them are focused on changing the behavior of
the child. Self-care gave me the capacity to grow and change.
It strengthened me as I moved toward more fully taking
ownership in the parent-child dance.
Dear Tricia,
You are beloved. You are known fully. Just like each and every human
person, you are a complex mix. Good and bad all entangled together. You
do not have to strive. You can rest. You are enough. You are loved.
Your true self (and I’m pretty sure God would sign off on this as well)
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