Attack the evil that is within yourself, rather than attacking the evil that
is in others.
One Mother’s Day, I received a public Facebook
message from our eldest child. He referred to me as “trill.”
After I consulted my handy Google urban dictionary to
determine if this was an insult or compliment, I realized that it
was high praise. “True + real = trill. Meaning someone that
always keeps it 100 at all times, stays true to oneself, and stays
real no matter what happens to the end.” Wow, what a
compliment and a standard that in daily living I struggle to
It is a gift of grace when someone who has hurt us
owns the truth and is trill about that. Genuine apologies are
restorative. My college fellowship leader who insisted that
immature students sign agreement to the “Chicago Statement
on Biblical Inerrancy,” comes to mind. After I left this
university and over many years, I heard murmurings and
friends of friends of friends reporting that he experienced great
pain and suffering within his family. One year, around
homecoming weekend, there was a widespread invitation to a
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