choose to do so. Others love to work and choose that path.
Necessity and the stream of bills sometimes leave parents with
little choice but to have two parents at work. Personally, I have
great respect and admiration for each path taken and the
highest regard for parents going it alone without a partner.
In our home, because of the demands of the work that
Mark chose, my choice to be at home has worked best. Along
the way I have exercised my own gifts and talents in various
volunteer spaces and places. I am extremely grateful for the
resources, experiences, and people that we have met in
connection with his company.
Yet, my personal relationship with this job is a bit
complicated. Sometimes I have felt jealous and resentful of the
time, energy, and travel required of him. At the same time,
there is great joy in seeing him flourish in a place where he is
able to utilize his talents and gifts. I have felt tired and lonely
when he is out of town but have also delighted in the fact that
he has had a career that is fulfilling and challenging year after
year. The mere fact that his pay more than allows me the choice
of holding down the Wilson fort is a gift. I have mixed
emotions for sure.
I recently heard my mom once again say something
like, “When I was in college, most women had the choice
between being a teacher or a nurse.” Both are wonderful
professions, but not for everyone. My mom would have made
a wonderful architect… When I was in college, there were
certainly broader options for women, but the challenges to
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