fulfill career and family dreams simultaneously remained. This
tension is still with us. Most of us can’t “have it all.”
During the recent April milestone weekend, Mark and
I were blindsided by a beautiful and touching recognition of
his leadership role and my support of him in that pursuit. It
was humbling and emotional. Much is a blur, but my proudest
moment was when he was referred to as a servant leader, one
thing about him that I deeply love and respect. There is
something incredibly attractive about seeing a grown man
choke up and cry. Most of us don’t get standing ovations from
a big room full of people. It was an honor to share the spotlight
with him on that night.
Getting to the decision for my husband to begin to step
away from a demanding profession and move toward home
has been quite a process. It has required a great deal of honest
communication. Sometimes words are spoken in love,
sometimes in desperation, and hopefully always with respect
along with open ears and hearts. At times it has felt like a great
big negotiation full of compromise from each side.
Work-life balance is challenging. One of my favorite
moments during the weekend was an exchange I had with two
company employee dads. “We make it a priority to show up at
our children’s schools each and every week for an hour. Yes,
we miss work, but we figure out a way to make that up.” This
was not the mentality of the mostly male leaders of my
husband’s company in days gone by. It is also exciting to see
more females in a company that has traditionally been
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