predominantly male. I have seen flexibility and progress in this
area during the twenty-five plus years since Mark began his
work in that place.
As I reflect on the emotions and the observations from
that April weekend, hope arises. I have a great deal of optimism
for both our daughters and our sons as they move toward
work-life balance and choices. I hope that their choices will be
broader and approached with greater imagination and the
careful consideration of both partners’ wishes and dreams,
whatever they may be. I feel optimism that each will have voice
and choice in the path forward for their individual families.
My husband’s company is quite mindful that the time
and energy required of its employees has an impact on the
children and spouses in each family story. They often express
gratitude for sacrifices made. On the 2015 Saturday night when
I was asked to share the spotlight, I received beautiful flowers
with this note attached, “Behind every good man is a great
woman. Thank you.” From their perspective, I am certainly
behind the scenes. There isn’t much immediate gratification
nor glory in my chosen profession. And I truly appreciate the
acknowledgement that his career path has been a team effort.
But in this next season of life, I hope that at its close,
Mark and I can write this to each other: “Alongside every good
partner is another.” That is our desire for this next phase as we
move toward the owning of our choices as well as doing the
hard work needed for healthy intimate relationships. It is a
relief and a joy to more fully share in the day to day parenting
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