During raw encounters with myself as mother in a sacred dance
with a hurting child, a turning point was birthed. It sent me on
a quest for the many and varied supports and healing paths we
need to live as a whole and healthy family. Coming to a place
of utter brokenness and vulnerability as mom and human being
was the first step in a journey that is both a grief and a gift. I
imagine that any parent who navigates life with a child who is
different, out of the norm, or has some type of special need is
faced with a grief to be felt and a gift to be cherished.
The Grief...
Looking around at other “normal” families, our families are
somehow out of step. There is a complexity that though not
always seen by the casual observer is still very much a reality.
It can show itself in many, many places. We may not be able to
fully participate in some of the regular things of life such as
certain social events, school activities, or faith communities.
Sometimes simple but crucial things like an uninterrupted
night of rest are out of reach. Spontaneity is often stifled and
desires put aside as we strive to be realistic and constantly
mindful of healthy limits and boundaries for both ourselves
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