One week before the one-year anniversary of Rita Hester’s murder on November 20
1999, Gwen decided to hold a candlelight vigil at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro District of San
Francisco. The announcement for the vigil is graphic (Smith):
Sunday, November 28th, 1999 will be the one year anniversary of
the death of Rita Hester. Rita was stabbed to death in her own
Since then, we have faced a number of deaths of individuals,
killed at least in part to their being transgendered. Since the
death of Rita Hester last November, to today, we have seen
twelve murders, including the death of Tacy Ranta on November

Lauryn Paige, Stabbed multiple times in the head and torso
on January 9th. One cut on her throat measured 9 inches
long and 3 inches wide. According to her father, Donald
Fuller, "He's been that way all his life. We always knew he
was a little different, and we pretty much accepted it, but
we didn't allow it around the house." Maybe she'd still be
alive if she didn't have to leave home to express herself,

Steve Dwayne Garcia and one other unnamed transwoman in
Houston, Texas, both killed in February of this year, both

Leslie Re'Geanne, a 19-year veteran of the Baton Show
Lounge in Chicago, who was struck and killed by a car in a
hit-and-run on March 24,

Tracey Thompson, beaten with a baseball bat so hard that it
broke in half, on March 30th, near Cordele, Georgia,

Emmon Bodfish, an FTM from Orinda, California, who was
found dead in his own home, beaten over the head. The
local police are trying to call this a suicide, saying that
maybe Emmon -- who has occasional suicidal thoughts in his
private journal -- possibly solicited his own death,

Pfc. Barry L. Winchell, brutally beaten by fellow soldiers
at Fort Campbell Army Base on July 5th. It is widely
believed to have been a "gay bashing" due to Winchells'
dating of a transsexual female, Calpernia Addams,

Baretta Williams, shot 16 times, pistol whipped, tied up
with speaker wire, and gagged with sock taped in her
mouth. A friend of hers, "Pebble," was also shot and had
to undergo a tracheostomy, but survived the attack,

Carol Wright, 57-years-old transsexual, killed in England
July 30th. One South Yorkshire officer described the
investigation as "extremely bizarre" due to Wright's
transgendered status,
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