Pro Humanitate: Our History and Heritage


WFU First Year Seminar Students


Pro Humanitate: Our History and Heritage

During the Fall 2012 semester, Professor Jenny Puckett’s First Year Seminar, “Modern Wake Forest: A Living History” decided to undertake the task of publishing an E-Book that would include a collection of interviews of influential people who are currently making a difference at Wake Forest University. This finished product details the interviews of subjects ranging anywhere from Student Government President to Athletic Director to Director of Nanotechnology, and many positions in between. This E-Book is a special part of the course because it allowed for each student to explore the living history of Wake Forest and discover not only what Wake Forest means to each of us, but to other members of the Wake Forest family as well. The hope for this E-Book is that it will capture the enthusiasm and love for this university that is so present around campus and in every member of this community.

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