Faculty Publications
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Now, and as we return to campus in January, please encour-
age your students to participate in a special "Teach-In on
Race and Human Community" on Monday, January 26th.
7:00-7:50 p.m. Teach-In sessions (students register online to
see specific locations)
8:00 p.m. Reception and continued conversation in the
Charlotte and Philip Hanes Gallery at the exhibit, "Freedom
Now! Forgotten Photographs of the Civil Rights Struggle."
As our campus continues to address racial bias and other seri-
ous concerns impacting our community, scholarly writing and
critical reflection will help us understand how we got here,
where we are, and what to consider as we take steps to cre-
ate real change.
The evening event will be organized around faculty-led teach-
ing sessions running simultaneously on campus. Each session
will focus on a topic and short reading that the faculty mem-
ber has chosen because it has been especially insightful or
even transformative for students studying race and its many
iterations. The aim is for faculty and students to examine and
learn from critical academic discourse on race, racial for-
mation and related topics as we strive to move forward as
campus. Students can REGISTER NOW for a session at
Readings will be available online at http://zsr.wfu.edu/
reserves/ beginning January 12th.
Sponsored by the Humanities Institute. Questions?
Contact institute Program Coordinator, Aimee Mepham
The Center for Leadership and Character in the School of Business has
developed tools to assist leaders in making ethical decisions and taking
ethical action. The Ethical Decision Action Model (EDAM) represents a
systematic approach individuals may walk through in order to make
the best ethical decisions possible within particular circumstances.
The EDAM Interactive Module (available now) contains a systematic
process, detailed worksheets as downloadable pdfs, sample cases, and
multi-media resources to help users quickly gain confidence using this
For more information or to access the tool and module, please contact
the Center for Leadership and Character at clc@business.wfu.edu or
visit the Center website at www.clc.business.wfu.edu and click on the
"Resource Center" area. EDAM resources are available to students,
faculty, and staff.
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